India TV exposes Kejriwal’s double game



Anil Kohli originally shared this

Aam aadmi party is fraud party

The only one person who is 100% pure gold is Kejriwal only  .All others are Bad and Worst is the version of AAP and its leader Kejriwal. Kejariwal is a Person who coughs and talks. His Collegue Ex.Law minister Somnath Bharathi Is a Spam man.Not yet cleared the cloud on him. This is AAP and Kejariwal.


Dont be Surprised when #AAPtard comments that “India TV” is a BJP Agent ūüėõ

D Jtalk

This might not came to notice of Kejriwal and AAP else why they would let Mr Shindhe¬†get away. This was a good chance to target Shindhe under allegation of bribe to transfer sho when Shindhe’s delhi police has been an headache for AAP for not doing its duties. India Tv thanks to bring it to notice but you not presenting in neutral way but in way targeting kejriwal.

Manish Capri

The xxxxxxx Kejriwal That has to make public popularity. efforts are unsuccessful. The information revolution era are failing due to your sickening # CIAagentKejriwal if not in intent , yet people – Sly mass hero would have handed power back to the Congress, emerged as in Delhi.

Krishna Negi via Google+

Anil Kohli originally shared this

Anil Kohli via Google+

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